Danielle Angres

Artist, polyglot, and mixology enthusiast in Paris, France

I am an international wanderer from NYC with a passion for art, music, history, travel, Shiba Inu, human rights, books, gaming, mixology and gadgets. I completed my undergrad in fine art (painting) and a graduate degree in Holocaust and Genocide Studies as I always found myself questioning things.

I left Washington, DC to take on work and life in Paris, France. I speak français, español, some 日本語 and some survival Deutsch. I have two wonderful Shibas, Hoshi (星) and Shiki (四季). Hoshi (aka Goldishiba and the Three Hoomans) is outgoing while Shiki is a very shy dog, preferring to hang out at home.

I am seeking a creative and challenging opportunity to work in innovative technology solutions, so I can help people live and work better.

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through the contact form below.