Danielle Angres

Artist, polyglot, foodie and mixology enthusiast in Barcelona, Spain

I am an international and multicultural wanderer from NYC with a passion for art, music, history, travel, Shiba Inu, human rights, books, gaming, mixology and gadgets. I completed my undergrad in fine art (painting) and a graduate degree in Holocaust and Genocide Studies as I always found myself questioning things.

As a native English speaker, I am fluent in français, proficient in español, with intermediate 日本語, and basic survival Deutsch. I am a humom to three wonderful Shiba Inu: Shiki (四季), who is my shy and sweet little bundle of fluff; Tenshin (天心), the super social crazy puppy; and Hoshi (), my beautiful and gentle soul who I lost to cancer in February 2020. Hoshi will always be with me.

At the moment, I am seeking a creative and challenging opportunity to work with innovative digital technology solutions, so I can help people work better. I am dedicated to improving user experiences and enjoy researching to find answers to all sorts of problems.

You can find me on the social networks below. Also, if you’d like to get in touch or ask me about my Shiba Inus, please feel free to say hello by using the contact link below.